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Ice-cream scoop with counter module

On demand of our customers we relaunch our i.ScoopCount portioning scoop with a counter module, a strong solid tap-off section and handlewide section in 2017. We completely redesigned the counter and especially extended the life time of the battery significantly.

i.ScoopCount is for professional use with an attractive and high quality design. The advantages are obvious.

Ice-cream scoop with counter module, tap-off section and handle wide section

Counter module - reliable sales transparency and greater economic efficiency

i.Scoop / i.SpatulaShower Silver

Mobile Station

Mobile station as pumping system for canister mode (230 Volt) incl. spray rinsing device for ice-cream scoops or spray rinsing device for dishers, ice-cream scoops and spatulas with sink with water-tap, cup dispenser and scoop drain / storage container.

Mobile station with spray rinsing device for ice-cream scoops.

Mobile station with spray rinsing device for dishers, ice-cream scoops and spatulas.


Dryer devices for dishers and ice-cream scoops

After rinsing the scoop with our spray rinsing unit i.ScoopShower our dryer for scoops i.ScoopAir helps to remove remaining drops of water. This ensures that less water gets into the ice cream. This prevents the formation
of ice crystals which change the taste. The unhygienic sponge is no longer required.

i.ScoopShower and i.ScoopAir – our spray rinsing devices and dryer devices for dishers and ice-cream scoops are the perfect solution:





Spray rinsing devices for containers, glasses and metal collars

Our revised i.MixShower is designed to perfectly clean or pre-rinse all common containers such as blender jugs, glasses, drink mixer cups or metal collars for paper cups etc with a minimum consumption of water.

Integrated automatic waterstop

New round/small base

i.ScoopShower Silver WATERSTOP XL

Spray rinsing devices with integrated automatic waterstop

Our new i.ScoopShower Silver WATERSTOP XL is Suitable for all types and sizes of dishers and ice-cream scoops with diameters up to 100 mm.