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The Roband stand for lamps is available in two sizes for the Roband heat lamp assemblies HE900-F, HQ900E-F, HE120-F and HQ1200E-F. The robust stainless steel construction gives the stand a stylish and durable design. The separately available heat lamp assemblies have a distance of 350mm above the stand surface. Adjustable feet level out uneven surfaces and ensure a secure stand.

ModelDescriptionWxDxH (mm)
HLS935Stand for Heat Lamp Assemblies HQ900E-F and HE900-F1035 x 352 x 437
HLS1235Stand for Heat Lamp Assemblies HQ1200E-F and HE1200-F1335 x 352 x 437

The optional mount kit includes 2 x 19mm diameter round tubes, inserts and mounting brackets, with instructions for
installation by an electrician. 600mm tubes can be cut to the desired length once on-site.

ModelDescriptionMount type
Length (mm)

Mount kit for all Quartz lamps and Infra-Red heat assemblies



DescriptionPower (Watts)
EC0421Spare globe for HQ and HUQ model lines350