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Simple and effective non-stick (PTFE) sheets and clip mechanism optionally available. The reusable non-stick sheets and clips will help to keep the machines in a clean, well-presented condition, will help prevent food sticking during the cooking process and also prevents spillage baking-on or carbonizing on the plates over time. Use of the PTFE sheets produces a more flavourful result with thick products and in fact helps to minimize the risk the outer part of the food being grilled whilst it‘s been cooked.

Item No.Pcs.Descritpion
RC61Retainer clip for GSA610
RC81Retainer clip for GSA815
PGS6055PTFE sheets for GSA610
PGS61010PTFE sheets for GSA610
PGS8055PTFE sheets for GSA815
PGS81010PTFE sheets for GSA815
SS24151Grease box for GSA610
SS25031Grease box for GSA815


Item No.Pcs.Description
GC6    1Extended side draining grease channel for GSA610
GC8    1Extended side draining grease channel for GSA815


Item No.Pcs.Description
GSPS6351Spacer 35mm for GSA610
GSPS8351Spacer 35mm for GSA815