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Function and customer benefits

Providing ultimate toasting control for back-of-house kitchen staff, the Roband Eclipse Bun Toaster is designed for high speed bun toasting and toasting of small bread based snack items. The machine provides precise and independent variable heat control of the top element and bottom element to enable users to produce the desired result on each side of their product.

  • Independent and precise variable control of top and bottom element heat output
  • Solid State Electronics offer precise temperature control and greater component reliability, creating the exact toasting environment to suit many products
  • Control of conveyor belt speed
  • Front return or pass through chute operation
  • Brushed stainless steel housing with removable and reusable stainless steel grease filter
  • Two entry chutes providing different entryangles, standard wire 48° or stainless steel 25°
  • Adjustable angle on rear chute – 3 angles (10°, 17.5°, 25°)
  • Suitable for toast slices and bun halves up to 40 mm thickness and 130 mm diameter (return chute) or 300 mm (pass-through)