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LÖLSBERG presents the exclusive world novelty POPCAKE - The pancake concept with automatic pancake machine!


Popcake is the pancake concept with the unique baking machine that enables you to produce fresh pancakes automatically at the push of a button in various sizes, degrees of cooking and quantities. All that at a minumum of preperation and cleaning time in a compact format, which finds a space even on top of the smallest counter. Choose between sweet or savoury dough in a double-walled security bag, which you can also individually refine by adding fresh ingredients (e.g. chocolate sprinkles, chives, etc.). Our dough contains only approx. 3% fat (thereof 50% unsaturated fat) and tastes delicious e.g. teamed with maple and fruit syrups, honey and caramel syrup, marmalades and jams, fresh fruits, ice-cream, cream, powdered sugar, chocolate cream - or just plain!

Maxi pancake folded over with filling (also for your To-Go-Business), e.g. with

Chocolate bar/Nougat-cream



Mini pancakes with topping in a paper cup (also for your To-Go-Business) or medium pancaces with topping for breakfast, e.g. with

Chocolate sauce

Maple syrup

Maple syrup

Maxi pancake as a wrap (also for your To-Go-Business), e.g. with

Medium pancakes for breakfast, e.g. with


Herb quark



Mini pancakes as Canapés or Blinis, e.g. with

Cream cheese/salmon/caviar/scampis



Low effort - great pleasure

Make your pancakes one by one or churned in 4 easy steps...

1st Step: POUR

2nd Step: SHAKE

3rd Step: LOAD

4th Step: MAKE

Fill up the double-walled dry-mix bag with water - shake the bag - let the batter rest for a a while - shake the bag again - ready for use in a few minute!